Having previously been involved with the Community Crime Fighters, I wanted to continue to try and contribute to my community when the CCF wound down.
The objectives and principles of the Peterborough Neighbourhood Champions appealed to me as a worthwhile group to get involved with.

As a new organization, the Peterborough Neighbourhood Champions have been able to set their own level of community focus and have committed themselves to working along side other established groups. This approach appeals to me because there are already a number of groups who are providing help and support.

The twin PNC goals of offering a service to sign post individuals to organisations which may be able to help them and then offering further direct support where appropriate has the right balance. This allows an individual to go directly to the most appropriate source of help, but still with the knowledge that they can come back to PNC if necessary.

For my own part I have been involved in finding solutions to individual problems within my own local community. As examples, these are poor and inconsiderate parking, faulty street lighting, neighbour disputes over boundary fencing, unsolicited calling. Although minor by some areas, these problems caused the individuals concern and it was satisfying to be able to assist with a solution.

Richard Britton
Peterborough Neighbourhood Champions


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